Milan Betel Spice Mix - One 70g Bottle



Betel Spice Mix - One 70g Bottles

Made in India.

100% Vegetarian.
Manufactured by United Mercantile.
Brand: Milan.
Ingredients: Fennel Seeds, Dry Dates & Cardamom, Saccharin Sodium. Contains Added Flavour (Natural and Natural Identical Flavouring Substances) (Spice Flavour)

Nutritional Information 
Energy: 444.44Kcal
Carbohydrate: 49.8g (Of Which Sugar: 13.8g)
Fat: 17.8g
Protein: 21.2g

Best before 6 months from the date of manufacturing. This product contains saccharin sodium. Not recommended for children. Quantity of sugar added: 0g (zero grams).

Manufactured at: Milan Supari Co. Pvt. Ltd. At Plot No. 109-D, Road No. 29, Sion (E), Mumbai-400 022.
Registered Office:157, Sheriff Devji Street, Mumbai-400003. Customer Care Cell: 02223422632.

Registered Trade Marks: 234353, 316306 & 481681. A Proprietary Food Product: Pan Flavoring Material. Imitation of Trade Mark Is A Punishable Offense. Store in A Clean, Cool and Dry Place. Beware of Imitation & Duplicate Goods. FSSAI License Number: 11517003000172 & 11517001000268.